Focus on the Stairs, Not the Yo-Yo

Financial markets go up and down daily. This can cause a lot of anxiety for investors. Am I going to lose all of my invested money? Am I making the wrong choices? The right ones? This stress is further heightened by the media constantly yelling at us to BUY or SELL stocks as if the next big crash is only moments away.

When you look at historical data for these markets though, they have always continued on an upward trend

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The Latte Factor™: Where is Your Money Going?

When looking at your financial situation at the end of a given period are you left questioning, “Where did all that extra money go…”? After all, you did the math, your income is more than your expenses, and you should have X amount leftover. There seems to be a layer of income that just “disappears” from our bank accounts when we look at our spending over time. Don’t worry, you’re not alone and there’s a name for this phenomenon: The … Read the whole post...

Financial Advising, Not Financial Telling

In a service industry like financial advising, it’s not about us it’s about our client. It can be tempting for us to focus on our qualifications, client reviews, investment returns, or brand when we really should be focusing on you. There are no quick fixes to long-term financial planning, and a sales mentality is a disservice to clients.

As an advisor, our job isn’t to have all of the answers or to change your situation overnight. We are as good … Read the whole post...

Personal Finance is More Personal than it is Finance

We often think of finances as a cut-and-dry part of our lives. Left-brained and analytical. Unemotional. The truth is, however, that personal finance is a lot more complicated than just numbers and spreadsheets. Our emotions and mental well-being are directly tied to our financial situation and what we choose to do with that situation. The “personal” side of finance simply can’t be ignored.

As Tim Maurer, Wealth Advisor and personal finance expert said:

“Personal finance is more personal than

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