In a service industry like financial advising, it’s not about us it’s about our client. It can be tempting for us to focus on our qualifications, client reviews, investment returns, or brand when we really should be focusing on you. There are no quick fixes to long-term financial planning, and a sales mentality is a disservice to clients.

As an advisor, our job isn’t to have all of the answers or to change your situation overnight. We are as good at predicting the future as you are. Instead, our job is to facilitate open and honest conversations required to chip away at your financial goals and build a plan together to achieve them. We aren’t here to maximize our billable hours or profits. We are simply here to provide you with the best options available to you and facilitate your journey towards financial wellbeing.

When meeting with a financial advisor, who do you think should be doing more of the talking?

Real financial advice shouldn’t involve a sales pitch. It is your life, after all, and we aren’t here to tell you how to live it.

The road to a better financial future isn’t as simple as cutting down on your coffee budget so you can afford a Lamborghini in 10 years either. There’s no app for what we do. It comes from a frank discussion of your needs and wants, and how those balance out to help you reach your goals. You don’t have to stop drinking iced mocha lattés, you just have to know where to prioritize them on your day-to-day journey to your financial goals.

At the end of the day, we are here to advise you on your options and potential courses of action. We aren’t here to tell you what you should be prioritizing. That needs to come from you. But you don’t have to do it alone – you just need someone in your corner helping guide you through!