Well, Jake, we agree the appeal and lure of Montreal is real, but wow we are glad you found your way back to Regina and Saskatoon. In honour of all those who are back hitting the books this month we wanted to feature a student.

Jake, like many students, lives in a world where money goes out but does not come in. It can be a tenuous time and also a great time to start some good money habits.

However, Jake is also unlike many students. Read on and find out about the breakdance program he started for people with disabilities. We think Jake is jiving to all the right things in life and we couldn’t be happier to call him our client hero.

What is your occupation?
I am a medical student at the University of Saskatchewan.

Where do you live?
I live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Where are you from originally?
Originally from Kitchener, Ontario, although the latter half of my life has been spent mostly in Regina, Saskatchewan. So, I usually just say I’m from Regina, and then elaborate more about Kitchener if people are actually curious.

What might someone be surprised to know about you?
I developed and taught a series of breakdance courses for people with disabilities for a couple of years in Regina. I unfortunately haven’t been able to keep up with teaching since starting med school, but hopefully will be able to pick it up again one day.

What is your favourite quote?
It may come from an odd source, but a quote that stuck with me came years ago when Michael “Pinball” Clemons was just about to retire from the CFL, and people were chatting about how good a guy he is. He was interviewed about some of his community development initiatives, and at one point in the interview he said: “When you put other people first, you always win.”

My proudest money moment:
I’m honestly still a student, so I don’t have a ton to say to this question. What I can say is that I do what I can to make sure not to leave any payments late. Because of this, my credit rating is pretty good, and I was able to get the maximum line of credit allowance. That has been extremely helpful when paying for medical school, while still allowing me to splurge on meals and trips once in a while.

What is your top money frustration?
I can’t say at this point that I have any particular money frustrations. Mostly, I just get a bit stressed about how I’m only spending right now while I’m still a student. Watching that line of credit number go up and up is not the most fun thing to see.

Money and I get along like:
Hesitant acquaintances.

Financial security to me means . . .
Being able to order pizza any day of the week and not needing to be concerned about the cost.

What is your favourite splurge?
I go to cafes A LOT. Give me a spare 1-2 hours, and you’ll see me sitting at Museo with a latte and cinnamon bun almost every time.

If you had a chance for one do-over in life, what would you do differently?
I honestly don’t know if I have anything in particular that I would like to “do-over.” I suppose one thing I do think about from time to time is: after finishing my degree in software engineering at McGill, I came straight back to Regina for family and work. I love love love Montreal, and I do wonder how drastically different my life would be if I had just taken the plunge and stuck around there.

What is the best piece of financial advice that you have ever been given?
Stay on top of your bills as best as you can. Don’t go after things you can’t afford. Hopefully, with time, you’ll get there.

Thanks Jake for your participation. Best of luck to you and all of the students who are back to it this month!