Peace of mind. Our clients have consistently told us (in so many words) that financial peace of mind is their main priority. Investment returns rarely come up.

This is somewhat counterintuitive given the focus in the financial media on stock market returns.

Some financial institutions, or your Instagram feed, might have you thinking that peace of mind is defined by a smiling well-dressed couple strolling on a beach with a golden retriever. Or maybe a grandma spending time with her grandchildren…and don’t get us wrong, these are all wonderful things and certainly are experiences that bring happiness.

But financial peace of mind, to us, means control.  Control over my future and of my present. No one can be 100% in control and never will be, but when I am trying to attain financial security, the objective is to gain as much control as I can. The ability to choose where I spend my money, whom I owe money to and which risks I’m willing to take on all contribute to that feeling, and my financial peace of mind.

What does financial peace of mind mean to you?