Jane & Bob: How do you achieve sound long-term growth with your investments?

There are two things I focus 90% of my effort on when it comes to investing for my personal accounts.

1. Asset Mix – I match my personal saving goals to each asset class (see below) regardless of market conditions. I have a portfolio set up for each asset class. I rarely switch up the underlying holdings of each portfolio.


2. My Behaviour – Every investor is faced with managing their own behaviour. Edgepoint Wealth produced a list of investor affirmations that I love (see below). I believe that investors will be happy with their performance over time if they review and check 10/10 on an annual basis. Or at least whenever they are feeling uneasy about general market conditions.


The other 10% of my energy is focused on selecting portfolio managers for my mutual fund investments. I also hold broad market ETF’s.

So there you have it! Thank you for the question.