Founding PartnerConsultant, B.S.W.

My dad, Phil Hewson started this company in the late 1970s because he wanted to give others a hand up. When I understood the impact he was having on others I climbed on board. I had a social work background at the time and came to realize that helping people with their financial future is as personal as it can get.

Life gets real pretty quick when you are working through a financial plan with an individual, couple, family or business. Everyone has a unique perspective and has their own story. These stories have added to mine, and my life is richer because of it. I am a life long learner and following my passion has never let me down. It is in that vein that I have once again found myself back at school. This past year I began working toward my Q.Med (Qualified Mediator) designation. It’s the melding of my social work background and my experience as a financial advisor.

I am fortunate to have two of my sons working alongside me and we have continued my Dad’s legacy as a values first company. Maybe that just sounds cliche – but it’s true for our group. The alignment of values and purpose is a very real differentiator for us. One that I am deeply proud of.

I can’t say that I grew up picturing myself in partnership of a family owned company. I can say it has been one of the greatest surprises of my life.


Certified Financial Planner, CIM, B.A. 

I always wondered if after ten years in this business if I would feel “seasoned”. Happily, I don’t. Every day is as unique as the people I meet. No two scenarios are ever the same. I love that!

My mind has always moved fast and I like to apply what I learn in a very practical and real way. This ever-changing landscape of personal finance suits me perfectly. Our industry is changing too. Changes that we welcome at TCM. Transparency for all financial advisors is an idea whose time has come and one that makes the whole industry stronger.

A cornerstone of our company has always been education, both for us and our clients. I got my Certified Financial Planner designation early in my career and it energized me. I felt that obtaining the highest level of certification available was a key ingredient to providing the best advice possible. With that being said, this year I received my certified divorce analyst designation. There is always more to learn. Learning is a constant pursuit for the TCM team and we love it.

For me, life is about being a responsible citizen and partner in the world. My own work life balance is evidence of this and is the kind of compromise that I talk about with clients all the time. When someone asks, “what would you do if you won the lottery?” my mind immediately knows I would still be at TCM. Of course, I would have to actually buy lottery tickets for this to happen which isn’t in my budget.


Certified Financial Planner, CIM, B.B.A.

I have always been the disruptor in the group and now it’s a trendy business term so I figure my time has come. When you work with your Dad and brother there really is no chance to hide much! I am who I am.

Being a disruptor in the financial planning industry means we do things differently. Our website doesn’t look like most, our blogs and social posts don’t scream that we are financial planners, but mostly the disruption is in how we think.

We think collaboratively. Our studio is designed to allow the free flow of ideas, recognizing that each of us has a valuable perspective. As a team we deliver our best to clients. The hub of our collaboration is always the client. And that is what drives me, and I am a driven kind of guy.  It’s no longer about getting the right answer; it is finding the right solution for the individual or couple.

Over the last few years I have expanded our clientele across Western Canada. Regardless of profession or geographical location there is a universal truth – our client heroes feel more empowered when they have a financial plan that suits their needs.

And how could I write my bio without also telling you I am now a Dad. I have a whole different perspective on the words “game changer” now! (I also seem to understand my own Dad a whole lot more!)


Office Manager, Diploma of Business Administration

Everyone else’s bio talks about family, so that is where I will start as well (even though I am the only non-family member in the company!)

I know I am like so many when I say that my family and kids are everything to me. One of the most attractive aspects of working at TCM is that they have flexibility and work/life balance at the core of who they are. At TCM I can be both a professional and a Mom. I never have to miss a track meet or field trip, and I give my all when I am at work.

I am a detail person. Whoever said, “it’s all about the details” was speaking directly to me! Prior to joining TCM I held several administrative positions, and also worked in research, in the area of measuring customer and employee satisfaction. I loved it, and how could I not?

At TCM not only do I get to immerse myself in the details of client work, but I can also delve into another interest of mine, personal finance. Like Taylor, I read “The Wealthy Barber” as a young adult, and it has impacted my thinking about saving ever since. At work I am learning something new every day, and that is very motivating for me.

I like to think that I’m the glue that holds it together around here, and I help to keep things humming along (even if Connor can sing better than me).

I feel like I have found my work home. We share the same values, and I feel lucky to be part of such a fun work-family. I look forward to going to work every day. I am pretty sure it doesn’t get much better than that.

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